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đŸŒ‹ **Unlocking the power to anchor your spirit- Lava Stone Malas** đŸ“¿


Health & Harmony:

Lava stone beads are made from solidified molten lava, which has cooled and hardened after volcanic eruptions. These beads have a unique porous and irregular texture that gives them a distinctive appearance that carries grounding energy that helps anchor your spirit. 

Spiritual and Symbolic Significance:

They promote balance, stability, and inner strength—essential tools for managing life’s challenges with grace. Lava stones are often associated with grounding energy and are believed to have grounding and stabilizing properties. In spiritual and healing practices, they are used to help individuals find balance and connect with the Earth’s energy.

In some practices, lava stone beads are associated with the root chakra (Muladhara), which is connected to feelings of stability and security. Using lava stone malas can help align and balance this chakra.


One notable characteristic of lava stone beads is their ability to absorb and diffuse essential oils. As natural essential oil diffusers, lava beads invite aromatherapy into your daily rituals. Add a drop or two of essential oil to the lava beads, and the scent can linger for hours, providing a sense of calm and relaxation.

Wealth & Prosperity:

While not traditionally associated with wealth, lava stones indirectly empower you. Lava stone malas, like other types of malas, can be used in meditation and mindfulness practices. Each bead is counted or touched while reciting mantras, prayers, or affirmations, helping to maintain focus and deepen the meditative experience. Grounded and focused, you’re better equipped to make sound financial decisions and manifest abundance.

Astrological Insights:

Lava stones don’t align with specific planets or signs in traditional astrology. However, their grounding influence can complement your astrological energies and bring balance.

Sun Sign Connection:

Lava stones are chosen based on personal spirituality, not sun signs. But they can enhance your meditation practice, regardless of your astrological identity.


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